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Victoria Paris delivers one of her finest performances in this story of an amorous apartment building and the feverish freaks who live there. The torrid tale begins with Eric Price and Peter North, a pair of swarthy studs who share an apartment in the wildest complex this side of 'Melrose Place.' Around them swirls a network of horny guys and gals, all of whom seem to have a crush on someone who in turn invariably has a crush on someone else. Somehow, though, everybody gets to have lots of sex. Victoria Paris is the star here in every sense. The curvy blonde porn legend is at the very top of her game here, turning in one of the hottest outings of her career. Her scalding libido shines through like white-hot steel, and her electrifying love of raw, rough coital cavorting lights up the screen. Look too for some mesmerizing work from Marylin Rose and Kim Alexis, each of whom make good on their reputations for hard-hitting erotic action. Each scene is jam-packed with a jittery eroticism, and the lusty scenarios which erupt are obviously energized by some very real chemistry at work between the performers. This is early 90s porn at its best -- a simple plot, some luscious ladies and lots of down and dirty debauchery.


Fantasy meets reality (well, sort of) in this fast, funny look at a man who dreams of trading places with the star of his favorite erotic movie. Imagine his surprise when he actually gets his chance! Joey Silvera stars as the lucky stiff who gets to live out all his wildest carnal dreams when he finds himself confronted with the world's most interactive pron video. Joey's happy just watching as Melissa Melendez and Herschel Savage go for broke, but when Herschel waves to him and invites him inside the TV, Joey doesn't know what to make of it. Joey eventually consents and climbs into the passionate porn world, taking Herschel's place while he goes in search of a missing extra. Joey's libido gets quite a wanton workout while he's in the world of the porn flick, and he gains the confidence he needs to impress women in the real world, as well. When he goes to work the next day, Joey finds that his lusty office girl Tamara Longley now wants him as much as he has always wanted her! This is mid-80s hardcore at its best, with a wacky plot, some funny dialogue and some absolutely searing sexual action. It never takes itself too seriously, even while delivering scene after scene of seriously erotic heat. A really solid sexvid that knows how to have fun while still staying steaming hot.

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Three girls (Esther Moser, Kali Hansa and Pilar Coll) are friends, one of them is more promiscuous than the other two, but together they get drawn into 'night work' culminating in performing together in a live lesbian sex show in a night club. In the audience is a couple (female) who pay the more promiscuous one to take part in a threesome. She ends up as a bored whore in an oriental brothel. The same thing happens to the other two.

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To hell with those skeptics who think therapy doesn’t work! The proof is in the pudenda, especially when Hilary (Cyndee Summers), a Sexual Therapist, is doing the "counseling." She’s the adorable sex shrink with a heart of gold, who doesn’t waste any time getting "down" to the "root" of the problem. This becomes abundantly clear when she engages in some deep, deep, very deep therapy with Rick Lutze. But her star patients are Mr. and Mrs. John Knowles (Keith Erickson and Orita De Chadwick) who seek help for their sexual dysfunction. A session with Hillary is run strictly according to standard medical procedures: a couple of belts of usquebaugh, relaxing chit-chat, and some gentle genital massage. "I never dreamed it could be like this/ purrs Mrs. Knowles. Hubby John quickly responds to porn therapy — especially after Hillary takes him to "group counseling" at friend Myra’s place in the Canyon (where what sounds like a macaque is screeching in the off-screen palms). But the frigid Mrs. Knowles, suffering from some "hangups from her days," needs a more radical approach. So Hillary utilizes the highly sophisticated therapeutic technique known as "Follow the Leader" to get the lady to take off her clothes. Miraculously, all her hangups vanish! The priapic Mr. Knowles finds a receptive welcome between his wife’s legs, and they both live happily ever after.

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Welcome to the most exclusive club in Hollywood - The Starlets Club. Only the hottest and most attractive live and work at The Club ...and only a select few men can enjoy the limitless pleasures provided by these beautiful actresses. This unique motion picture is an intimate look at Hollywood Goddesses and their blushingly uninhibited pursuit of uninhibited sex, passion, fame and fortune!

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Three girls (Esther Moser, Kali Hansa and Pilar Coll) are friends, one of them is more promiscuous than the other two, but together they get drawn into 'night work' culminating in performing together in a live lesbian sex show in a night club. In the audience is a couple (female) who pay the more promiscuous one to take part in a threesome. During this they stuff her and she ends up

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This installment of After Hours Cinema s ever expanding Grindhouse Feature Series celebrates the guys and gals of the Golden Gate grind scene, offering up a tasty three-fer of Pacific flavored porn guaranteed to make you think an earthquake just struck in your pants. Tucked away in their filmmaker s archive since they were theatrically distributed back in the Sixties and Seventies, Nick Philips skin flicks present a time capsule of their era. His stylishly colorful chronicles of the hippie lifestyle constitute only one of his most important achievements. For Philips used the exact same approach in over two dozen movies and yet still can surprise even the most seasoned viewers of his work with left-field plot developments, sudden technical flourishes, and the most unpredictable finales. WENDY is about a depressed and bored rich girl who looses herself into a world of sex, money and stuffs where feelings don't mean a thing. Basically, what you get is a lot of graphic sex scenes : WENDY doing it with her "wanna be writer" gigolo lover or her maid or WENDY watching her family members having orgies and so on. The fetishism is always there, cream and dildos are being used for sexual purposes (obviously), leather boots are being know, fetish stuff. A lot of beautiful flesh and bodies are shown and indeed some scenes are very hot but overall it all feels sad. I won't spoil the ending for you, just know that it is definitely not your everyday skin flick and that it will live a bitter taste in your mouth when you'll be done with it.


At risk of finding a live chicken nailed to our door, the After Hours Cinema Grindhouse Triple Feature Series has once again decided to explore the dark world of occult science. Aliester Crowley may have first proposed the idea that sex and magick were a potent combination, but the large number of storefront features pairing the two together has more than convinced After Hours Cinema that voodoo and hoo-hoo share a kind of legend affinity. What else but black magic could explain the fact that so many grindhouse films were made by so many people with no filmmaking ability at all? No matter what the explanation, the following threefer of paranormal grindhouse is sure to work its mojo on you! Possessed 1974 - aka Possession is a rare example of an occult sexer with strangely unsettling racial undercurrents as well. Rose and her husband Adam have recently moved to the Hollywood Hills, where Adam is pursuing a career as a talent agent. While her husband screws every would be chanteuse who walks through his office door, Rose keeps hearing frightening noises and experiencing strange erotic sensations around the house.

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Radio station manager Gary Connors threatens to fire all the disc jockeys who work for his station Knut after a major advertiser says they will remove all of their ads unless the sagging ratings improve by the end of the week. Sexy DJ Tasty Tastums and her fellow disc jockeys decide to rectify the situation by switching from playing rock music to broadcasting about various racy sex-related subject matter live on the air.

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The photographic quality of this film is a realm for the voluptuous allure of Isabel Sarli,here in her best moment. Isabel is Monica,a hooker that quits outs of her exploiter in a city, getting to a little fisher’s town in an Brazilian Bay. There lives her former love, a solitaire fisher, that offers her his house. For a time, Monica continues to work as a prostitute in the bay but, because of rumors that noticed her presence in the town, arrives there the hooker exploiter. Menaced to return to work for him in the city, Monica resists, being helped by her beloved fisher. This man, who awaits patiently a change in Monica’s form of live, expose her life to successfully defend her. Monica, impressed, finally see a new light in her future; remaining to live with the fisher. The beautiful natural scenario performs well with plenty of Sarli’s totally nude swimmings by the seaside

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The poor Ze Branco travels from Paraiba and arrives in Rio de Janeiro to live with his friend Ze Preto, who is a factory’s worker, in a room in a slum expecting to win and have a better life in Rio. Ze gets temporary work; begs in front of a church; sells ice-cream on the beach; sings in a TV show; but life is not easy in the big city. Meanwhile he saves the blind Branca while crossing the street and they have a crush on each other. But Branca is courted by the dangerous former police detective Miguel Matoso. When Preto is fired from his job, he becomes a criminal and moves to a hideout. Meanwhile, Ze has an affair with photographer Debora, but he does not forget Branca. During the Carnival, Ze sees Branca with Miguel and he kidnaps the girl, and the result is tragic.

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Shelly Culligan might look like your typical 40s housewife, but there is one thing that is definitely not typical with this amateur - she's sneaking around to put her sexual exploits on camera. Video cameras were a pretty new thing back then, so it's especially risque that she wants to do something like that. Her stocking covered legs get spread open, and her head goes back as Clyde Tidwell starts to work his fingers deep inside of her hairy pussy. She loves getting all of that attention, especially when it's captured for all time.Even in the older days of porn there is nothing a woman likes more than too have a young inexperienced tart to teach the ropes too. The buxom blonde poses the brunette then strips her out of her bra and panties, the brunette is shy and holds her arms over her tits, trying to keep her knees together without success. The more she squirms away from her the more the blonde gets turned on, exerting her dominance over the young slut. When she finds her button, the brunette stops trying to get away and starts to enjoy the sensations of having her twat eaten.In the age of woman being full covered from head to toe, showing as little skin as possible these Southern Belles would be considered ladies in public, but what happens behind closed doors is another matter. They have naked man servants to wait on the them hand and foot and provide for their every comfort. They give new meaning to the term whiskey dick, when she pours her beverage all over his shaft, only to lick and suck it clean again. Finally letting him touch her she lays back to enjoy all that he has to offer.Bobby Ferrin is on a hot date with Rhea Price and just like it was way back when he nails her in the backseat of his car. Her hairy pussy is spread open and he eats that shit like it's his job while stroking his own knob. Rhea takes his cock in her mouth and gives him a slow blowjob while she's still having her snatch fingered by this gentleman. They get a good fuck going and we get a couple views, one from the backseat and one through the windshield, hell they might even be at the drive-in just like it was in the old days. He finishes her off while she's sitting on his face with her hair-pie.

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No other black star in the porn industry has the extremely gifted appearance even such as Charlene. She handles your strong, natural lust and their style with the sex on camera, it bestowed the highest honours. No wonder, you see just whether it makes porn starring fun, or not - and only that, it depends on whether the spark is transmitted to the viewer. And Charlene definitely has a lot of fun in her work, especially when it comes to getting stuck into a thick, hard hammered assfuck. So here are the highlights of her modeling career ....


THE Intrusion is not my cup of tea, but is worthwhile as an example of single-minded, riveting hardcore porn devoted to a subject that cannot really be treated adequately by mainstream cinema. Like Oshima's groundbreaking in the realm of the senses (same vintage as this American film), it is spellbinding but repulsive.The secret is to take one's work seriously, which is what the anonymous filmmaker hiding behind the moniker Arthur Nouveau did. He painstakingly sets up an all-to-real situation, the viewer to live through it, and finally releases us at the end in the manner of porn's stablemate genre in morbidity, horror.Kim Pope is ideally cast as an attractive but mousy housewife living somewhere in Ny State (film's setting is not given, but it could be Westchester, for example). Her loving husband Levi Richards is quite protective, and opening reel depicts a kind of blissful Eisenhower-era suburbia, except this is the '70s so we begin with XXX-footage of them making love on the kitchen floor.But as soon as hubby leaves, a creep posing as an insurance salesman gets his foot in the proverbial door. Instead of haranguing Kim with annuity proposals, he knocks her for a loop and the rest of the hour-long feature is torture-porn designed to arouse the male viewer. Only variation is that kindly neighbor Lynn Bishop shows up midway on schedule and is to partake in being alongside Kim.This is the outline for a thousand porn or more recently bondage epics, but the intrusion makes it work by carefully taking care of business and not diverting with filler or comic relief. Michael is so matter-of-fact a pervert as the intruder that he disarms the viewer -we can't take him for anything more than a of nature, and an all-too-real danger that keeps most of us (especially us New Yorkers) carefully tucked away in our apartments late at night. The banality of evil is a familiar theme, well-executed here.Pope, who is one of the great porn genre actresses, and who had already made the history books co-starring in Damiano's brilliant Memories Within Miss Aggie, is utterly convincing, resisting to the bitter end. He has to resort to whipping out a vicious looking knife to get her to cooperate at all, and the film's most chilling, overly realistic sequence has him inserting it (handle first thank God) into Kim's vagina. Of course, the knife is the instrument of the film's shock ending.After that effective climax finally provides release from an hour of tension, film ends artfully on peaceful shots of the house's exterior as we listen to pleasant sounds of nature outside. What horrors are lying inside, repressed just as we see nightly on the 11:00 news the latest tale of what went on today behind closed doors, with the de rigeur interviews with shocked they seemed so normal neighbors' reactions.The two leads are terrific, and both Bishop and Richards as Kim's husband are okay in more functional assignments. Electronic music score is used jarringly to maintain a sense of unease throughout

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